Boundless Adventures zips into Westchester

Each course has one to two zip lines. Photos courtesy Lorrie Funtleyder

Boundless Adventures, an outdoor aerial obstacle course, will open its first New York state location in Harrison next month.

With nine different eco-friendly, treetop courses, participants are given the choice of four different skill levels with 14 different courses. The first skill level, yellow, starts at 10 feet off the ground, and the most difficult level, black, is 45 feet in the air.

Although Boundless Adventures isn’t affiliated with SUNY Purchase College, the park will be located on the campus at 735 Anderson Hill Road.

“The park will give students the opportunity to partake in new challenging and exciting physical education classes,” said Chris Bisignano, athletic director at SUNY Purchase. “The park will also provide additional on-campus jobs and generate funds for the college.”

Lorrie Funtleyder, who owns and operates the business with her husband, Brian, said they first got the idea for the obstacle course after visiting a similar style of park in 2012 on a family vacation.

Boundless Adventures offers special deals from summer camps, corporate retreats, and groups of friends.

“[We] just didn’t look back from there,” she said.

Funtleyder said that what attracted her family to the outdoor obstacle courses was how it helps families step away from technology to focus on a common goal.

“I think that with all the phones and electronics, it’s sometimes hard to communicate with your children at this point,” she said.

The courses include zip lines, rolling elements, ladders, and bridges. Safety is encouraged on the obstacle courses, and participants wear full-body harnesses on a belay system, which is a series of ropes secured to a safety line at all times.

Prior to beginning the courses, customers are asked to sign a waiver, and given a 30-minute instructional lesson on the course they will be going on.

Participants are then given three hours to enjoy the course.

“The reason we named the company Boundless Adventures is because you don’t have to have boundaries in your life if you don’t want them,” said Funtleyder, of Rye Brook. “It’s all about testing your boundaries and being the best you [can] be.”

Boundless Adventures hosts individual customers, as well as groups of campers, parties, and nonprofit organizations.

Boundless Adventures has 14 different courses of varying skill levels.

Funtleyder said the park is made for anyone “ages 7 to 97.”

According to Funtleyder, members of the community have already began responding positively.

“People are excited because it’s something that’s good for everybody,” Funtleyder said.

The grand opening of the park is on March 31. Thereafter, the park will be open on a seasonal rotation.

“We look forward to welcoming Boundless Adventures to our campus,” Bisignano said. “We hope that, once the park is up and running, community members will take advantage of this unique experience and enjoy a new treetop view of our beautiful campus.”

Tickets begin at $54 for ages 7 to 11 and $59 for ages 12 and up.

For more information, visit boundlessadventures.com.



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