Half Time’s brewpub gets key green light

With village approval from the village of Mamaroneck, a new brewpub, serving a wide selection of craft beers and food times, is slated for construction conjoining withto Mamaroneck’s existing Half Time Beverage.

The special permit granted by the village Planning Board to Half Time earlier this month will mark the culmination of months of deliberation by the village Board of Trustees and land use boards on the impact of adding smaller brewing operations in Mamaroneckthe village and will set in motion the construction of a 4,000 square foot addition to Half Time’s current facility.

[any timeline on construction?]There is currently no timeline for construction. according to current zoning submissions.

In addition to serving customers beer from its current stock and an array of American food items, the new Half Time extensiooperation would also serve beer brewed on site by Decadent Ales and an array of American food for patrons of its new?]] 56-seat tasting room. [this makes it sound like the current half time serves food, is that true?]

DuringOver the summer of 2017, the village underwent a code revamp to [[help promote the acceptance]] would it better more accurate to say allow for ?]] of micro-alcohol and larger scale brewing operations, and imposeing distinct guidelines in its zoning law as to where and when such establishments can operate.


Half Time Beverage, which is located on Hoyt Avenue and already sells 5,000 different beers from around the globe,  will now join a growing wave of craft breweries—brewers that produce under a certain threshold of distribution—across the country; a trend that has exploded in volume in recent years.

According to the Brewers Association, a nonprofit trade organization which consists of 3,500 brewers from throughout the U.S., the number of regional craft breweries rose from 97 to 178, a nearly 32 percent increase, between 2012 andto 2015 alone. Further, breweries overall saw an uptick of 15 percent nationwide over thate same time period.

-Rreporting by James Pero



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