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Waverly Ave. development breaks ground

After nearly a decade of legal entanglements, a large-scale development located on Waverly Avenue, set to add 100 residential units to the village of Mamaroneck, will break ground this week after press time.

“Bottom line is we now have a new addition, welcoming new residents to the village of Mamaroneck and improving the tax base,” said Mayor Norman Rosenblum, a Republican who is in his final year as mayor.

The residential development, located at 270 Waverly Ave., sits adjacent to the village’s Metro-North train station and will include a mix of seven studios, 45 one-bedroom units, 44 two-bedroom rooms, and four townhouses.

The project’s construction, which is expected to break ground on Thursday, June 15, will mark a major step forward after the original owners, Sheldrake Lofts, slid into bankruptcy following an economic downturn and the project changed hands to Halpern Real Estate Ventures, its current owners.

The development was also the subject of lengthy litigation, including a suit by Sheldrake Estates Condominiums against the village of Mamaroneck and its Planning Board in 2008 that requested an extension of time to start construction on the proposed project, then totaling 96 units.

Fast-forward to today and Rosenblum said he thinks the development won’t just act as a boon to the village’s tax base and a potential selling point for prospective residents looking to move into the area, but will also succeed in maintaining the village’s aesthetics at the same time.

“That development meets the basic key, which is maintaining the character of the village,” he said. “We don’t want to be a New Rochelle; we don’t want to be White Plains.”

While the development is proximate to the Metro-North station, it is not included in the village’s Transit Oriented Development, TOD, plan—an initiative that aims to bolster housing and business around the village’s train station to attract new residents—but will likely have a similar desired effect.

Elsewhere in the village, similar developments have also taken hold, with counterparts like 690 Mamaroneck Ave., the former 3 Jalapenos site where Comstock Residential Contracting plans to construct 21 residential units and add 33 parking spaces.

Earlier this month, Garson Properties announced its plans to demolish two buildings located on Library Lane to construct nine two-bedroom units with a rooftop parking deck.

That project is part of the village’s TOD and is still seeking its necessary approvals from land use boards.

Similarly, a prospective retail complex at 805 Mamaroneck Ave. awaits proper approvals, has added a CVS Pharmacy and will add a yet unnamed supermarket to replace a now-defunct A&P.




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