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Rye police continue search for serial burglary suspect

On Tuesday, June 14, the Rye Police Department continued its search for an unidentified young woman after she attempted to burglarize another home in the city, marking the third such incident in recent months.

According to Rye police, a string of intrusions has affected homeowners on Harbor Lane, Oakland Beach Avenue and Riverside View thus far.

“These are crimes of opportunities,” Police Commissioner Michael Corcoran said. “We are very fortunate to live in an extremely safe community, but I stress to people to lock their doors and set alarms.”

According to the commissioner, the suspect, who is believed to be a local resident, has targeted homes with unlocked doors.

The suspect is a young white female who stands at 5-foot-4 and weighs approximately 125 pounds. During her most recent intrusion, at roughly 6 a.m. on June 14 at a home on Oakland Beach Avenue, the suspect was last described by the homeowner as having a long blonde pony-tail and wearing a white sweat¬shirt with a baseball cap.

The homeowner encountered the suspect walking up the staircase inside the home.

Throughout the intrusions, the young woman has reportedly stolen a number of exposed portable items, including wallets and cellphones.

Since the June 14 invasion, however, the suspect has reportedly been inactive, according to police. “The case is still under serious investigation at the moment,” Corcoran said.

Though burglaries typically occur during nighttime hours, or while homeowners are away, the suspect’s unusual patterns have led police to question her motives.

Further, the community has experienced an increasing amount of drug activity, which police believe explains the reason for the recent home invasions.

Although not yet confirmed, police believe the woman is an opioid addict looking to invade homes for drugs.

As of press time, the Police Department is working on possible leads to identify the suspect, but urges residents to lock their doors and secure their vehicles.



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