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Rye Neck passes $27.6M capital improvement bond

Voters in the Rye Neck school district approved spending approximately $27.6 million in capital improvements across all of the schools districtwide.

Voters in the Rye Neck school district passed two separate bonds totaling $27.6 million that includes improvements to all of the district’s three school buildings. File photo

On Feb. 13, residents voted in favor of two ballot propositions: a $6.28 million spending plan that includes replacing antiquated roofs across the district’s three school buildings, known as Proposition A, and another $21.3 million plan, known as Proposition B, that calls for a 2-story addition to the middle school-high school that includes the construction of eight new classrooms.

“Through your approval, we will be able to greatly enhance the educational experience and development of our students,” said Board of Education President Patty Nashelsky in a released statement. “The improvements to our academic and athletic facilities at the combined middle-high school campus will benefit generations of kids and families in our community. We truly appreciate everyone who took the time to learn about the proposal and offer feedback.”

Proposition B was passed by a 608-278 vote and also includes updating classrooms in the existing building—Rye Neck’s high and middle school share the same building—the addition of a new gym and locker rooms at the middle school, and installing laboratories in several classrooms in the building to support the science, art, engineering, technology, and math programs. Proposition A was passed by a 733-153 vote.

According to the Rye Neck school district’s bond presentation, a Rye Town home assessed at $835,000 will see tax increases peak in 2021-22 at $144 for Proposition A and $376 for Proposition B. Rye City residents’ taxes will peak at $345 for Proposition A and $896 for Proposition B at a fall valued home assessed at $2.1 million.

In October 2016, a $35.5 million bond vote, which included similar capital improvements to Proposition B, was defeated.



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