Welcoming refugees and what you can do

Neighbors from the villages of Larchmont and Mamaroneck are gathering together at Westchester Jewish Center, located at 175 Rockland Ave. in Mamaroneck, on June 11 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. to speak out on behalf of refugees and learn ways they can help.

Jodi Kantor, a journalist for the New York Times, is the keynote speaker for the event. Contributed photo

This event will give members of the community a chance to learn more about the situation of refugees, hear from Jodi Kantor, a New York Times journalist who covered the Canadian refugee experience last year, discover how to assist refugee resettlement in the area and outline priorities to be communicated to New York State Delegates. This event is sponsored by Neighbors for Refugees, formerly known as Hearts and Homes for Refugees of Larchmont/Mamaroneck.

Kantor, who spent much of last year in Canada watching the story unfold, will serve as the event’s keynote speaker, describing a story of compassion, and a community coming together for a cause “greater than anything they had ever known.”

According to Kantor, while much of the world was expressing ambivalence about the refugee issue, thousands of Canadian citizens were essentially adopting Syrians who not only spoke little English but also had barely heard much about their adopted country.

Local elected officials, clergy and representatives from sponsoring agencies, including HIAS and Catholic Charities, plan on attending the event. The discussion will also include the state of refugees currently arriving in the United States, the vetting process and what happens after refugees arrive. The group will provide information on education and grassroots efforts around refugees, and real actionable activities to help change the lives of refugees already in the country as well as those currently in refugee camps. Everyone in the community is invited to attend.

This event is sponsored by Neighbors for Refugees and co-sponsored by Westchester Jewish Center, Larchmont Temple, Larchmont Avenue Church, St. Augustine Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church, and St. Thomas Episcopal Church.



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