Town of Mamaroneck honors past supervisors

The town of Mamaroneck honored Dolores A. Battalia and Caroline Silverstone for contributions to Affordable Housing on the 25th Anniversary of the town’s Housing Authority.

From left, Caroline Silverstone and Dolores Battalia, both previous town supervisors for the town
of Mamaroneck. Contributed photo

Battalia and Silverstone, both former town supervisors, were honored for their lifetime involvement in creating and supporting affordable housing in the community. In deciding to honor these former town supervisors, current Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson said, “We are lucky to have these two exceptional women currently sit on the town’s Housing Authority Board and honor them for their decades of work in affordable housing.”

Battalia was supervisor from 1984 until 1990. During her time as supervisor, and under her leadership, the town board created an Urban Renewal Zone, enabling the town to purchase the blighted Larchmont Motel and allow for the creation of needed affordable and work-force housing.

Silverstone was a councilwoman on the town board from 1982 until 1990 and worked with Battalia on the project. She became town supervisor in 1990 and continued in that role until 1994. During her time as town supervisor, it was determined that the best option was to develop a housing agency. In 1992, the state approved the creation of the town of Mamaroneck Housing Authority, and the town board appointed the first Housing Authority Board.

The Housing Authority broke ground on construction of the Hommocks Park Apartments during Silverstone’s tenure. Also during her time as supervisor, the town acquired land from Westchester County and donated it to Habitat for Humanity, thus enabling the town’s first and only Habitat for Humanity house.

After leaving elected office in 1991, Battalia, went on to form ICare (Interfaith Council for Affordable Residence), a grass roots non-profit organization that raised money to acquire and renovate a 2-family house to provide transitional support housing for homeless families. Later ICare acquired and renovated several more 2-family houses which provided affordable rental housing for local residents. In addition, along with the Washingtonville Housing Alliance, ICare constructed two 2-family houses in the village of Mamaroneck. Silverstone joined Battalia on the board of ICare after her tenure as town supervisor.

Continuing their lifelong commitment to affordable housing, Battalia and Silverstone both currently serve on the town’s Housing Authority Board.  Deputy Town Supervisor Jaine Elkind Eney who is the town board liaison to the Housing Authority said, “It is a privilege working with, and learning from, these two extraordinary women. Their legacy is enduring.”

For more information on the town’s boards and committees, please see the town’s website at and its Facebook page at or call the town supervisor’s office at 381-7805.



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